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I am making a chrome extension to add javascript encryption to Gmail for my buddies and I personal use. I have most of it working except for when I try to clone a button already in the Gmail interface by doing $('#elmId').clone(true), it doesn't clone the event listeners. Also, $('#elmId').data('events') comes up with nothing. I know that the button has multiple event listeners because when I inspect element the developer tools shows it has click, mouseover, etc. under the "Event Listeners" tab (see & Is this even possible? I'v done quite a bit of searching and have come up with nothing. Any ideas on how to do this or if it is even possible?

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Even if cloning the event listener is technically possible it doesn't mean it's meaningful. The listener may be a closure that knows about the element, using the same closure on a different element is not going to work... for example

x.onclick = function(){document.body.removeChild(x);}

in this case the onclick handler removes the element x, but if you copy the element and the handler clicking the copy would still close the original.

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