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I Am supposed to follow some of the following steps: would be glad to know where i am going wrong 1 . create a Blob reference in domain class (represents the uploaded file

java.sql.Blob userfile;//blob reference
  1. in controller creating an object of the blob using SerialBlob in controller.

    (fullref).userfile =new SerialBlob( [ I don't know what to pass here ] );

  2. then i want to invoke setBinaryStream method on the blob object and returned outputstream should be sent for saving in the db.

Please Help !! Thanking You all In advance.

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For a text file, you need a Clob (Character Large Object), not a Blob (Binary Large Object). –  adarshr Apr 2 '12 at 11:57

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You don't need to use java.sql.Blob, you could simply use a byte array.

The type of the mapped field is direved from your maxSize constraint.

class ExampleDomain {
    byte[] userfile

    static constraints = {
        userfile maxSize: 10000000

The above example generates a field of type mediumblob in MySQL.

If you chosse a bigger maxSize constraint, other blob types will be used.

Now you could create an instance of ExampleDomain like this:

def example = new ExampleDomain(userfile: yourFile.bytes,....)    
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