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I'm taking a DBMS course this semester and need a free tool to practice my SQL coding, and to practice my ERD modeling easily, tools such as Eclipse is for Java and Visual is to C#.

We learn SQL 99 with Ramakrishnan's book Database Management Systems, if it makes any difference.

What tools are recommanded for SQL and\or ERD modeling that have a freindly to beginners user interface?

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For practicing SQL code the best tool I know is SQLFiddle - It is available online, you can test your SQL code for various database (MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, SQLite).

For ER modeling I recommend Vertabelo. Vertabelo is database designer working under Chrome developed by company I work for. Like SQLFiddle it is also available online. You don't need install anything.

Vertabelo is free to use for smaller projects (up to 3 models and 20 tables within each model) and have commercial versions for larger database projects.

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I think it's hard to beat SQL Express for ease-of-use, basically a free version of a popular commercial DBMS. It will give you an 'employable' skillset also, since the interface is the same as the main product.

Forgot to mention that you can use the Diagram tool to build an ERD of your database, so it helps you visualise your design without needing a 3rd party tool (like Toad).

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U can download SQL Server Express Edition, or Oracle Express Edition or MySQL

& use newer version of ramakrishnan

Download Oracle here

Download SQL Server here

Download MySQL here

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