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I have a powershell command running when I execute a bat file, The command is

@powershell -command " [long]((date) . touniversaltime() - [datetime]' 1970-01-01 '). totalmilliseconds"

I have also used

powershell.exe " [long]((date). touniversaltime () -[datetime]'1970-01-01 ') . totalmilliseconds "

This returns the correct data to the screen but my question is how do I save this value and use it to attach it to a filename.

Thanking You

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for /f %%x in ('powershell "[long]((date).touniversaltime()-[datetime]'1970-01-01').totalmilliseconds"') do set ms=%%x
rem do whatever you want with %ms%

I vaguely remembered the code from an earlier answer of mine. My advice from earlier still stands: Just write your script in PowerShell instead of creating a weird hybrid that's just twice as hard to maintain.

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Thanks for the help – AlanF Apr 2 '12 at 14:00

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