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I'm using this function:

preg_match_all('/((\d{9})\.html)/s', $content, $results);

It works fine but i just want the digits as results in the array $results[], not the whole "searchstring".

Any ideas? I'm sure there is a solution but I forgot how to do it :)

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print_r($results) –  safarov Apr 2 '12 at 12:24

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At a minimum you can get rid of the outer brackets: /(\d{9})\.html/s, but the full string is always included in $results[0].

You can get just the digits from $results[2] (or $results[1] in my example).

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preg_match_all('/((\d{9})\.html)/s', $content, $allResults);
$results = $allResults[2][0];
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