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I know there are various linux packages that allow you to crop a portion of a song. For example to crop a 30 second portion of a 2 minute song mysong.mp3 starting at the 1 minute mark

ffmpeg -ss 60 -t 30 -acodec copy -i mysong.mp3 30secondportion.mp3

How can I create a new .mp3 where the first 60 seconds of this song have no sound, the following 30 seconds have sound, and the last 30 seconds have no sound?

The resulting .mp3 should be 2 minutes in length.

I'm using ubuntu 10.04

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You might want to read this – Wouter Huysentruit Apr 2 '12 at 12:39
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Take a look at this tutorial:

  • Using Sox to Extract Subparts of a File
  • Using Sox to Create Silence
  • Using Sox to Concatenate Files
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