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I have this SVG file, contains a rectangle filled by a svg pattern, FF displays it correctly, IE9 and e-pub on ADE doesn't display it at all , here is my code:

                   <pattern  y="600" width="50.92" height="35.508" patternUnits="userSpaceOnUse" id="draw" viewBox="0 -35.508 50.92 35.508" overflow="visible">
              <polygon fill="none" points="0,0 50.919,0 50.919,-35.508 0,-35.508        "/>
                <line stroke="#000000" x1="13.221" y1="-35.105" x2="43.833" y2="-11.296"/>
              <line stroke="#000000" x1="13.221" y1="-28.983" x2="39.072" y2="-6.534"/>
              <line stroke="#000000" x1="6.418" y1="-23.201" x2="28.528" y2="-0.412"/>
              <line stroke="#000000" x1="39.072" y1="-35.105" x2="0.296" y2="-6.534"/>
              <line stroke="#000000" x1="50.636" y1="-23.201" x2="17.472" y2="-0.412"/>
              <line stroke="#000000" x1="43.833" y1="-28.983" x2="6.418" y2="-3.134"/>
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Try indenting your code - precede each line with a tab or four spaces, so it gets formatted in a code block. You can easily do this in an IDE (or a good text editor) rather than doing it manually. –  halfer Apr 2 '12 at 13:54
I think its a matter of how IE9 render svg viewbox, I mean if we draw svg lines with postive view box and x="0" y="0" the pattern will be displayed correctly. I wonder if my conclusion is true. –  hala zzz Apr 4 '12 at 6:54

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