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I currently use my own setup for an MVC framework in Javascript, but I am a bit confused about the fact, on where I should put my HTML events handlers.

Like click/mouse/focus event and stuff like that, is it acceptable to attach this event-logic into the controller.

Right now, I have it like this:

  • Some-module.model.js
  • Some-module.view.js (where I attach my user-events, like mouse events, focus etc)
  • Some-module.view.tpl (this is where the HTML is being placed between script-tags, mini-templating engine)
  • Some-module.controller.js

So, is it wisely to attach the click handlers for the view into the controller? or is that bad practise?

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I think that is exactly what a view controller class is for, yes. –  Thilo Apr 2 '12 at 12:59

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Putting event handlers inside of a controller class is not bad practice. In fact, the JavaScriptMVC library uses a Controller class to organize all event handlers (although this is not the sole purpose of the Controller class).

Putting event handlers inside of a View class is not bad practice either, as this is used by Backbone.js to organize all event handlers associated with a particular DOM element.

There are plenty of front-end MVC design patterns, and there is not one boilerplate that will fit perfectly for every situation.

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Save the javascript and all the DOM manipulation in a js file.

Separation of concerns

BTW: Controller is sort of keyword in MVC, you might want to change th js file name, to a name without controller inside of it.

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But the controller is a JS file ... And how is controlling the interaction with its view not of concern to the controller? –  Thilo Apr 2 '12 at 13:01
@Thilo. Bad naming, edited. –  gdoron Apr 2 '12 at 13:04
Well I am keeping the 'controller' in the file name, it is pleasant to see what kind of file I am editing while developing. When the site is being deployed, all JS files will be merged automatically. But what do you mean with 'save all DOM manipulations in a JS file' ? –  barry Apr 2 '12 at 13:07
@barry. Like $('.foo').addClass('bar').val('a value'); or $('#foo').change(); or $('#foo').hide(); etc' –  gdoron Apr 2 '12 at 13:11
@gdoron: So DOM manipulations go inside the view part right? And attaching click-events, also inside the view? In that case I have two views, one template and one for attaching user-events and DOM manipulations? –  barry Apr 2 '12 at 13:36

Okay thanks all!

What I am going todo:

/controllers/ -> some-module.js

/models/ -> some-module.js (holds data, keep track of states, retreive data)

/views/ -> some-module.js (attaching DOM events, DOM manipulations, will retreive the template TPL file and use it)

/templates/ -> some-module.tpl (the actual view in script-tags, similar to mustache or Jquery Templates, allows me to use variable-tags in the template)

This will keep my application organized and modular.

I could consider handling DOM events inside the controller, but I also need a location to execute some DOM manipulations (changing classnames, changing innerHTML values etc.), and I think that the controller is not the correct way to do that.

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