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A RestKit call of mine is repeatedly failing when called from the completion handler of saveToURL:forSaveOperation:completionHandler: method of UIManagedDocument. The same code works well run from a different project which doesn't have any Core Data objects. Here is the code snippet.

[self.titlesDatabase saveToURL:self.titlesDatabase.fileURL 
                completionHandler:^(BOOL success){                        
                    [self setupFetchedResultsController];
                    [self fetchNetflixDataIntoDocument:self.titlesDatabase];

setupFetchedResultsController doesn't give any error. It just sets up the Fetched Results Controller.

- (void)fetchNetflixDataIntoDocument:(UIManagedDocument *)document
    NetflixInstantData *instantData = [[NetflixInstantData alloc] init];
   [instantData callRemoteService:@"XYZ"];

Now, NetflixInstantData is a separate class which makes the call to a remote service using RestKit classes. While running, it repeatedly crashes saying 'Thread1: Program received bad signal "EXEC_BAD_ACCESS".'. The same code works in a different project where it is not being called from a completion handler. Also, before crashing this is the last message logged in the debug console.

I restkit.network.reachability:RKReachabilityObserver.m:369 Network availability has been determined for reachability observer

Can anyone please advise.

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Not clear where this is coming from. You should try stepping through the code line by line to find out where it is trying to access an inexistent object. –  Mundi Apr 2 '12 at 17:11
Hi, it fails at this line in RKRequest.m - [self fireAsynchronousRequest]; –  Anand Kumar Apr 3 '12 at 3:04
Sorry to bump it, but I am really stuck here. A call-out to all the RestKit developers. –  Anand Kumar Apr 6 '12 at 20:25
Sorry, I am not familiar with RK classes. If I don't fully understand the mechanics, I do not use third party APIs. –  Mundi Apr 7 '12 at 14:05

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