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Am trying to implement scraping using nodejs. Am sending request to a particular url and when i get the response, using the response am storing each products in a page into an array. For each product am trying to display the product details like product name, price and discount etc. Am doing this by the following code.

var $products = $body.find('.fashion-item');
$products.each(function (i, item) {
    var $name = ($(item).find('.info .title').text(),
    self.items[i] = {
        title: $name,
        price: $price,
        discount: $discount,

It is working fine. If the class name is like 'fashion-item' or 'fashion-item-first' all this works fine. But if the class name contains the space in between the word, am not getting any products stored in array ($products) i.e. array length of $products is zero. My question is how to do the same thing if class name like this 'fashion-item first'. I tried very much, but i didn't get any idea. Please help me.

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Class names cannot have spaces. In your example, 'fashion-item first', are two classes assigned to an element, which can be selected by either .fashion-item or .first selectors.

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Thank you very much. The problem is solved. –  web spider26 Apr 3 '12 at 4:29

If you want item who have both info and title classe select them with this :


If you want item one of these classes, use this

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