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i have developed my website in VS2010. is there any tool freely available which can help me to test my website with different version of different browser. i saw some time my site UI display ok in my browser but when it run in other machine with big screen then UI getting distorted. so i need some tool which show me how UI look with different screen size and resolution with different browser with different version all in one......please help me with info. thanks

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Selenium provides a bunch of DLLs that you can use to write your own automated tests against several browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc). This, however, is not a complete solution since there are limitations as to the kinds of things that you can do - some browsers have better support than others.

You'd need to install all the different browsers that you want to test on the same machine where you are running your tests.

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If you're developing web sites professionally I'd suggest getting a nice large screen (they're cheap nowadays) and installing all of the major web browsers (IE, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, etc.). Then, in each browser go to their extensions/plugin and look for a resize extension. This will provide you with a drop down menu to easily resize the browser to standard screen sizes or any other size you like.

I typically choose a "master" browser and do my work in that. Then, after I've completed a section/page/area I check it in the other browsers to confirm it works.

Avoiding CSS padding combined with width/height can help as some older browsers use a different box model. Margin can be safer but you should read up on box models if you're doing any CSS development.

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