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I've written some simple online games using purely HTML5 and JavaScript. Nothing fancy, no server side stuff involved, essentially each game is just a single .html (which includes javascript and css) and some .png and .jpg images.

Now, this kinda works on mobile devices as well (android/iphone/ipad) by just surfing to the particular page, but I guess a dedicated app would work better / be more convenient on these devices.

I have exactly zero experience developing for iOS or Android, so maybe this question is too complicated to fully answer right away, but:

Is it possible to create an app for Android, and similarly for iOS (iphone/ipad), based on my html page, other than basically rewriting the entire game for those particular platforms?

If yes, how do I go about this? What would be the easiest way? Is there a ton of Android / iOS knowledge required, or is there some kind of generic "conversion" that wraps my html page (+required images) into a mobile app?

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Thanks guys! Both look useful, I'll start off with phonegap for now. – Sheldon Pinkman Apr 2 '12 at 14:14
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I guess that phonegap would perfectly fit your needs.

Hope it helps

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Appcelerator can do that. It builds native Android apps and iOS. The language is based on HTML5 and JS so I think it can help you.

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phonegap is slightly better in this case because it literally loads from an html page :) – borrrden Apr 2 '12 at 13:58

I recommend you to use construct 2. It has better development tools for HTML5. Here is a link to construct 2 website.

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