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Suppose I have a list of items each one with a property (status) which can have one of these values:

  • 0 (inactive)
  • 1 (queued)
  • 2 (active)

I need to display three different things in the template according to that value. These three things differ in markup and not only value.

Now mustache being logic-less doesn't really provide logic constructs. Only boolean conditions can be "emulated ifs" with sections and inverted sections.

Given that I have 3 different status values, what's the best way to construct the template?

  1. I can add three separate boolean properties and use sections
  2. I can cycle on all the items before rendering and add another property to each item containing the correct markup imported by another template (seems a bit overkill)
  3. other?
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Use Handlebars if you want to add logic to logic-less Mustache

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