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By default, jquery mobile displays a "spinner" in the loadingmessage that is displayed when a page is loading.

When I manually show the loadingmessage, I can type this:

$.mobile.showPageLoadingMsg("a", "No spinner", true);

where the third argument is boolean "textonly" which disables the spinner on true.

What I want to accomplish is to disable the spinner by default for all page changes (where the loadingmessage is displayed while loading). The only properties I can configure on initializing the jquery mobile framework are

loadingMessage (string, default: "loading")
loadingMessageTextVisible (boolean, default: false)
loadingMessageTheme (string, default: "a")

Is there any way to disable the spinner by default?


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Add the following to the bottom of your page as a workaround for hiding the spinner:

.ui-icon-loading {
    opacity: 0;
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Ah, this could work. Not the best solution I was hoping for, but until they make something to apply this "textonly" boolean, this is the best answer. Thanks! – Jorissu Apr 13 '12 at 9:47

You can use:

.ui-loading .ui-loader
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Wow, without the burden of the spin animation the transition is much smoother. – Potatoswatter Sep 6 '12 at 5:44

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