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I have two android applications that I have developed. I need to compare the two app's for a project and I am trying to find tools that will allow me to capture data about the applications such as computational use in terms of CPU/memory/data transfer etc. Also is there anyway to compare the different effects the apps would have on battery usage?


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take a look at this :… – Burhan ARAS Jul 2 '14 at 21:29
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For profiling CPU usage in your app (like percentage of time spend in individual methods), check out traceview. It's an executable in your tools directory that comes with the Android SDK.

For memory usage, you can use Eclipse Memory Analyzer (MAT) (there's a standalone option if you prefer another IDE).

For battery usage, there's a project called PowerTutor which helps estimate power consumed by the CPU, network interface, display, and GPS.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I have looked at traceview. I was wondering if there was a tool that I could leave my app running for say 60 seconds and it would record the average CPU load during that time? Also I have had a look at the PowerTutor but it does not seem to give a reliable log of usage over a fixed period of time for a specific app. – Joseph Apr 2 '12 at 14:27

In addition Qualcomm has a product for Android applications profiling, the Trepn™ Profiler.

From the official webpage:

Trepn™ Profiler is a diagnostic tool that lets you profile the performance and power consumption of Android applications running on devices featuring Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processors. It’s designed to help you optimize your code for:

CPU usage and frequency
memory statistics (virtual and physical)
network usage (cellular and Wi-Fi)

As the description says, it is only for Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processors.

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I used Little Eye for these purposes. It gives detailed information on power consumption, CPU load, memory and WiFi usage and generates great reports. Everything is easy, clear and convinient.

However, it can be a bit troublesome if an app loads the device very(!) heavily.

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