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I have several questions I need help with.

I'll add both my code and source code (I guess what assignment asks for clarification) in here.

Service Class

public class Palindrome
   private String pal;

    public Palindrome()
       pal = " ";

    public Palindrome(String newPal)
        pal = newPal.toUpperCase();         

    public void setPal(String initPalin)
       pal = initPalin.toUpperCase();           

    public String getPal()
       return pal;

    public boolean isPalindrome()
       int left = 0;
        int right = pal.length() -1;

        while (pal.equals(toUpperCase))
          if (pal.charAt(left) != pal.charAt(right));
                 return false;
           return true;

     public String toString()
        return "Palindrome" + isPalindrome();

Client Class

import java.util.Scanner;

    public class Palindromeclient
      public static void main(String[]args)
          String pal;
          boolean isS = false;

          Scanner scan = new Scanner(;

          System.out.println("Enter statement press[enter]:");
          String userinput = scan.nextLine();
          Palindrome statement = new Palindrome(pal);

          isS = statement.isPalindrome();

          if (isS)
              System.out.println(userinput + "is a palindrome");              
              System.out.println(userinput + "is not a palindrome");              

My coding is giving me a error: cannot find symbol
        while (pal.equals(toUpperCase))
  symbol:   variable toUpperCase
  location: class Palindrome
1 error

I don't get why though, can I simply add uppercase to the set or second constructor instead, which might be able to fix my service class.

That's my question, number one

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Answer to question 1:

toUpperCase is a method of the String and should be invoked as one.


Just like you did in the setPal method.

Answer to question 2: The boolean in the main method is not needed, because you could ask your Palindrome object if it is a palidrome directly in de System.out.


Beware though, your program won't work as you don't pass the user input to the Palindrome Constructor.

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