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I prepared a WLST script that prints all sever names from WebLogic cluster to output file. The output is dynamic and it's content depends of amount of servers - cluster members. The output file is simple:


hostname2 ..


I need now to prepare the ANT task that will copy one file to each server from the outputfile. As I understand I need to use Apply task , because I cannot install additional ANT packages.

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In other words I'm looking how to convert file with all hostnames to propety that I can use in loop <for list="${servers}" param="server"> –  Toren Apr 3 '12 at 7:21
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One way of doing this is , assuming the use of SCP for the deploy, is to run a setup script before running ant deploy target.

Setup has:

  1. INPUT= the list of target hosts
  2. INPUT= ant properties file that is used in ant.SCP action.
  3. OUTPUT= new version of properties reflecting the updated list of target hosts.

Once the setup has run, the abstract deploy step is now concrete and has a list of SCP steps in a loop that will copy to all needed hosts.

Sample SCP syntax..

  <scp file="myfile.txt"
       passphrase="my extremely secret passphrase"

Sample loop :

The @ in a for loop while using scp

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for for loop needs ant-contrib, which is a separate lib –  oers Apr 2 '12 at 16:24
Thank you Robert for answring my question , actually I have to use a password when connecting scp , but link you provided is very useful. I'm lookig now how to convert file with all hostnames to sometthing like this <for list="${servers}" param="server"> –  Toren Apr 3 '12 at 7:19
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