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I've created a few actions and object types for my application. For this question's purpose, let's assume I have an myapp:book custom type (where myapp is my application's namespace and book is the custom type) and a myapp:read action.

Is is possible answer any of the following queries using Facebook's Graph API (or any other FB API)?

  1. List all objects of type myapp:book. By that, I mean retrieve a list all pages that FB's scraper has stored which have an go:type of myapp:book.
  2. List all actions that involve objects of type myapp:book.
  3. List all read actions that occurred in my app. By that, I mean retrieve a list of all actions that were posted to FB which have an action_type of myapp:read
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As far as I'm aware: no, no and no

Your own databases should have all of that information already though, depending on how you've implemented the app, certainly the first two if not necessarily the third

You can retrieve, for a given user, the list of actions of a particular type, but not 'all actions' or 'across all users'

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Thanks for your answer! – FB App Developer Apr 2 '12 at 14:54

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