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I seem to be getting the above error when trying to make a callable class. I have searched for the reason but can't seem to find anything. NetBeans gives me a few options to make things abstract but I'm new to this and I'd rather find out why something is happening. Can anyone shed light on this?

public class doPing implements Callable<String>{

    public String call(String IPtoPing) throws Exception{

        String pingOutput = null;

        //gets IP address and places into new IP object
        InetAddress IPAddress = InetAddress.getByName(IPtoPing);
        //finds if IP is reachable or not. a timeout timer of 3000 milliseconds is set.
        //Results can vary depending on permissions so cmd method of doing this has also been added as backup
        boolean reachable = IPAddress.isReachable(1400);

        if (reachable){
              pingOutput = IPtoPing + " is reachable.\n";
            //runs ping command once on the IP address in CMD
            Process ping = Runtime.getRuntime().exec("ping " + IPtoPing + " -n 1 -w 300");
            //reads input from command line
            BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(ping.getInputStream()));
            String line;
            int lineCount = 0;
            while ((line = in.readLine()) != null) {
                //increase line count to find part of command prompt output that we want
                //when line count is 3 print result
                if (lineCount == 3){
                    pingOutput = "Ping to " + IPtoPing + ": " + line + "\n";
        return pingOutput;
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In your code, the call method has an argument: it does not override the call method of the Callable interface - It should look like:

public String call() throws Exception{ //not public String call(String IPtoPing)


If you are using Java 6+, it is good practice ot use the Override annotation, which can help spot wrong method signatures (in this case you already got a compilation error):

public String call() throws Exception{
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thanks for the reply :) – DMo Apr 3 '12 at 11:57

Your 'doPing' class is defined as implements Callable<String>. This means that it should implement the call() method that does not take any arguments. Here's the definition of Callable:

public interface Callable<V> {
    V call() throws Exception;

You will need to remove the String IPtoPing argument if you want doPing to be Callable:

public class doPing implements Callable<String> {
     // you need to define this method with no arguments to satisfy Callable
     public String call() throws Exception {
     // this method does not satisfy Callable because of the IPtoPing argument
     public String call(String IPtoPing) throws Exception {
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Thanks for the help. – DMo Apr 3 '12 at 11:56

The Callable interface requires you have a call() method. However your method is
call(String ipToPing).

Consider adding a setIpToPing(String ip) method to set the correct ip.


doPing myCallable = new doPing();//Note doPing should be called DoPing to keep in the java naming standards.
myCallable.setIpToString(ip);//Simple setter which stores ip in myCallable;
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Thanks for this. much appreciated. IPtoPing is a variable within my main method in a different class so how would I be able to carry this variable over to call()? – DMo Apr 3 '12 at 11:56
@user1286779 No problem. I've added an example. – Jim Apr 3 '12 at 12:42

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