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So I've been trying to figure out why django-notification emit_notices prints out multiple extra queries that dont have to do anything with my notices queue

i run in the interpreter:

notification.queue([to_user], "new_msg", {"from_user": from_user}, sender=from_user)


python emit_notices

acquiring lock...
(0.001) SELECT `notification_noticequeuebatch`.`id`, `notification_noticequeuebatch`.`pickled_data` FROM `notification_noticequeuebatch`; args=()
(0.001) SELECT `auth_user`.`id`, `auth_user`.`username`, `auth_user`.`first_name`, `auth_user`.`last_name`, `auth_user`.`email`, `auth_user`.`password`, `auth_user`.`is_staff`, `auth_user`.`is_active`, `auth_user`.`is_superuser`, `auth_user`.`last_login`, `auth_user`.`date_joined` FROM `auth_user` WHERE `auth_user`.`id` = 3 ; args=(3,)
emitting notice new_msg to userTest
(0.000) SELECT `notification_noticetype`.`id`, `notification_noticetype`.`label`, `notification_noticetype`.`display`, `notification_noticetype`.`description`, `notification_noticetype`.`default` FROM `notification_noticetype` WHERE `notification_noticetype`.`label` = new_msg ; args=('new_msg',)
(0.000) SELECT `django_site`.`id`, `django_site`.`domain`, `django_site`.`name` FROM `django_site` WHERE `django_site`.`id` = 1 ; args=(1,)
(0.001) SELECT `cities_city`.`id`, `cities_city`.`name` FROM `cities_city`; args=()

And many other extra sql queries (like the last one - select from cities_city ) which dont have anything to do with the notification.queue() written above.

emit_notices calls send_all() and send_all() calls

send_now([to_user], label, extra_context, on_site, sender)

I dont see the relation with cities which is a totally different app of my project.

However it works, but I wanna figure out why is this happening. Am I doing something wrong?


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I bet these queries are generated by the notification template rendering.

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I thought about that too. I removed {{ everything with curly braces }} from the template ... Still getting the queries. If this is what you are saying .. – marlboro Apr 2 '12 at 15:38
what about {% %} ? Remove everything from the template to make sure. – jpic Apr 2 '12 at 15:52
i deleted the damn thing it still sends out the default one .. i truncated the default one from site-packages/djang_notification and the extra queries are still being printed out ... think im gonna go with a fresh install and see how that goes – marlboro Apr 2 '12 at 16:01
You could debug from send_now() – jpic Apr 2 '12 at 19:25
i created a new project, tested it and worked without the extra queries .. how can i debug from send_now() ? – marlboro Apr 3 '12 at 8:54

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