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I am trying out KIF for iOS testing and am having trouble with UITextField interactions.

I am using the following code for adding text in a textfield.

KIFTestScenario *scenario = [KIFTestScenario scenarioWithDescription:@"Test that a user can successfully log in."];
[steps addObject:[KIFTestStep stepToEnterText:@"test text" intoViewWithAccessibilityLabel:@"username"]];

The problem is that, this method responds if 'username' text is the value of textfield, instead if its ID or label as it might seem. Is there a way by which I could access the textfield with its ID / label? (since I intend to have my textfield empty)

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I think that as long as you don't set an accessibilityLabel yourself, the UITextField uses its text value as accessibilityLabel.

Set the accessibilityLabel of the TextField and you should be fine.

textField.accessibilityLabel = @"test text";
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Thanks! But in this case, I would have to update my code to set accessibilityLabels for all UI elements. Is there a way to access UI elements with any other reference other than the accesibilityLabel? –  Dexter Apr 2 '12 at 16:37
You'd have to write your own KIFTestSteps for that, the supplied steps mostly only handle accessibilityLabel. Also, your views should have accessibility labels anyway to satisfy disabled users. –  tim Apr 2 '12 at 16:41

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