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I have an array of objects. Each object has an attribute we'll call display_name.

I want to sort this array based on a predefined list of values.

So if the predefined list looks something like this ["Ball", "Cat", "Helicopter", "France"]

Then the objects with the display_name attribute matching "Ball" with be at the head of the list, those with "Cat" second in the list and so on and so forth.

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You can use Enumerable#sort_by:

list = ["Ball", "Cat", "Helicopter", "France"] 
elements = [{:display_name => 'Cat'}, {:display_name => 'Unknown'}, {:display_name => 'Ball'}]

# sort by index in the list. If not found - put as last.
elements.sort_by { |e| list.index(e[:display_name]) || list.length } 
# => [{:display_name=>"Ball"}, {:display_name=>"Cat"}, {:display_name=>"Unknown"}]
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You should be able to do something like:

require 'ostruct'

list = %w{Ball Cat Helicopter France}
items = [ => 'Helicopter'), => 'France'), => 'Ball'), => 'Cat'),

items.sort { |x,y| list.index(x.display_name) <=> list.index(y.display_name) }

Note, this isn't deterministic if you have multiple items with the same display name.

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