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I have pagination on my users table at the moment which works fine as I only have one search feature for users.

But I now wish to add pagination to my games table but not sure how to implement it as I have 5 search features for games. I was wondering how I would go about adding the pagination to the following controller method.

    def index
        @games = Game.gamsearch(params[:gamsearch])
        @games = Game.consearch(params[:consearch]) if params[:consearch].present?
        @games = Game.gensearch(params[:gensearch]) if params[:gensearch].present?
        @games = Game.where("game_name LIKE ?", "#{params[:game_name]}%") if params[:game_name].present?
        @games = Game.where("console = ?", params[:console]) if params[:console].present?

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I think you should use scopes or methods that return ActiveRecord relation in your Game class and chain them (I guess you want to combine condidtions by AND operator):

class Games
  scope gamsearch, lambda { |search_param| your_conditions }
  scope consearch, lambda { |search_param| your_conditions }
  scope gensearch, lambda { |search_param| your_conditions }
  scope game_name, lambda { |game_name_param| where("game_name LIKE ?", "#{game_name_param}%") }
  scope console, lambda { |console_param| where("console = ?", console_param) }

def index
  scope = Game.gamsearch(params[:gamsearch])
  scope = scope.consearch(params[:consearch]) if params[:consearch].present?
  scope = scope.gensearch(params[:gensearch]) if params[:gensearch].present?
  scope = scope.game_name(params[:game_name]) if params[:game_name].present?
  scope = scope.console(params[:console]) if params[:console].present?
  @games = scope.paginate
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I tried using scope but kept getting undefined method paginate despite it already being defined. –  user1222136 Apr 2 '12 at 17:28

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