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I am newbie to the beautifull Yii Framework.I was going through the wiki docs of Yii.I got a link http://www.yiiframework.com/wiki/72/cjuidialog-and-ajaxsubmitbutton? where I got something that I was needed.So I made all the process like the tutorial.But still I am not able to save the job_name from the person view file.

My database was like this

 ==== Job ====

  ==== Person ====

My _form.php for Person was like this

 <?php echo $form->errorSummary($model); ?>
  <div class="row">
  <div id="job">
  <?php echo $form->dropDownList($model,'job_id',CHtml::listData(Job::model()->findAll(),'job_id','description'),array('prompt'=>'Select')); ?>
  <?php echo CHtml::ajaxLink(Yii::t('job','Create Job'),$this->createUrl('job/addnew'),array(
  'onclick'=>'$("#jobDialog").dialog("open"); return false;',
  <div id="jobDialog"></div>

And the actionAddnew() in job controller is like this

public function actionAddnew()
    $model=new Job;
    // Ajax Validation enabled
    // Flag to know if we will render the form or try to add 
    // new jon.
        //Return an <option> and select it
        echo CHtml::tag('option',array ('value'=>$model->jid,'selected'=>true),CHtml::encode($model->jdescr),true);
        Yii::app()->clientScript->scriptMap['jquery.js'] = false;

As per the tutorial I have made another two files called as createDialog.php and _formDialog.php in job view folder. The code for createDialog.php is like this

  'title'=>Yii::t('job','Create Job'),
  echo $this->renderPartial('_formDialog', array('model'=>$model)); ?>
  <?php $this->endWidget('zii.widgets.jui.CJuiDialog');?>

The code for _formDialog.php is like this

 <div class="form" id="jobDialogForm">

<?php $form=$this->beginWidget('CActiveForm', array(
//I have enableAjaxValidation set to true so i can validate on the fly the

    <p class="note">Fields with <span class="required">*</span> are required.</p>

    <?php echo $form->errorSummary($model); ?>

    <div class="row">
        <?php echo $form->labelEx($model,'jid'); ?>
        <?php echo $form->textField($model,'jid',array('size'=>60,'maxlength'=>90)); ?>
        <?php echo $form->error($model,'jid'); ?>

    <div class="row">
        <?php echo $form->labelEx($model,'jdescr'); ?>
        <?php echo $form->textField($model,'jdescr',array('size'=>60,'maxlength'=>180)); ?>
        <?php echo $form->error($model,'jdescr'); ?>

    <div class="row buttons">
        <?php echo CHtml::ajaxSubmitButton(Yii::t('job','Create Job'),CHtml::normalizeUrl(array('job/addnew','render'=>false)),array('success'=>'js: function(data) {
                    }'),array('id'=>'closeJobDialog')); ?>

<?php $this->endWidget(); ?>


So where I am wrong in this?Any help and suggestions will be highly appreciable.

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Your question is so terribly broad that it cannot be answered. What does "not getting any success" mean? Be more specific. Way more specific. –  Jon Apr 3 '12 at 9:40
I have updated the question.By the way I want to save the job name from the person model view file with the ajax link which has been described above the link. –  NewUser Apr 3 '12 at 12:49

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Add the following to your Job model:

public function rules() {
  return array(
    array('job_name', 'safe'),
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