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i faced an issue while working on git branches. In the master branch, i have a submodule with tag v2.0 included. I branched out on to a new branch say fix, and made some changes to its artefacts and also updated the submodule to v3.0 via "git checkout v3.0". This i did a commit. Now i switched back to master, with "git checkout master". It displays a message "M submodule" indicating that the submodule configuration is changed and shows a new change. The submodule had changed to v3.0 in the master branch also on its own.

Why does this happen. Why cant i switch between branches without automatic altering of submodule versions?

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Are you sure that you committed the new version of the submodule? – knittl Apr 2 '12 at 15:26
the submodule is updated and commited, but externally. it is not changed from within the super-project. I just checked-out a new tag of the sub-module in the new branch, committed it and switched back to master when i see this. – maxmelbin Apr 2 '12 at 15:44
What does git status output before switching branches? Does it display any modification to the submodule? (also try git status -s) – knittl Apr 2 '12 at 15:45

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The fix branch has submodule v3.0; the master branch has submodule v2.0. After switching back to the master branch the submodule stays as v3.0 and thus 'git status' shows a submodule change. When you switch branches you need to perform a 'git submodule update' - that will bring the submodule back to v2.0 (the version for master).

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