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I have a website that is running on a server. I want to get it down to my local machine so i can edit it without it being like, this means i'll have to copy the database as well as all the images and HTML, JavaScript, PHP and so on.

My server is running ubuntu server and i am also running ubuntu LAMP on my local machine.

Now i understand that getting all the webpages and images down is simple, just a matter of pulling them down using filezila, but what about the databases?

I know that because its linux everything is stored as a file so would it be a case of be finding the file and copying them to the local machine? If so where would one usually find these files?

thanks a lot for the help, any ideas and tips are more then welcome.

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You need to export your database using the command line –  chchrist Apr 2 '12 at 15:38
Or with PhpMyAdmin/similar tools –  Chris Laplante Apr 2 '12 at 15:39

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If you want to copy the files, you first have to shut down the database otherwise you could end up with an inconsistent file(s). If the target database is compatible with the file format (eg: same version) this works.

You can dump the databases (with mysqldump or a tool like phpmyadmin), and load it on the other machine (mysql <dump.sql). If you want to dump a consistent state, again, you have to either shut down the database or temporary disable writes.

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Thanks man i'll have to give this a shot. –  ragebunny Apr 2 '12 at 15:43

You should check if your host support some kind of CVS for example SVN or GIT.

This will allow you to push and pull your code from localhost to your server.

Otherwise, you could use an FTP.

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This question cannot be answered without knowing a lot more about your website.

It would probably be a safe bet to ask the hosting provider to create a backup of your database for you, one that you can then restore on your local machine.

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Well i have been working on this website for a while and I made the mistake of not starting it on my local machine before uploading it and keeping the copy on my local machine the version that i use to edit before uploading, by doing this i have had a number of narrow misses so i'm planning on pulling it all down from the server to run on my machine and was just wondering if there was a general, automated way of doing it myself? –  ragebunny Apr 2 '12 at 15:42

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