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I gave uni association having many to many relationship between two entities, from C to CG

It is referred in C entity's hbm.xml as

    <set name="cG" table="C_G2C" order-by="C_G_FK"     lazy="true" fetch="select" inverse="false">
        <key foreign-key="C_G_C_FKC">
            <column name="C_FK" sql-type="BIGINT"/>
        <many-to-many class="CGImpl" foreign key="C_C_G_FKC">
            <column name="C_G_FK" sql-type="BIGINT"/>

My Table Structure in DB is @entity C c_id, c_name, c_g_fk

@entity CG cg_id, cg_name

when I try to call c.getCG(),

The following error is thrown

ERROR: relation "c_g2c" does not exist

I could'nt trace the problem could someone help..plz

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Adding an intermediate entity solved the problem

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