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I have vales with very small difference like... 0.000001. I want to visualize them on logarithmic scale. I am wondering how to do it in matplotlib.

Thanks a lot

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Simply add the keyword argument log=True

Or, in an example:

from matplotlib import pyplot
import math
pyplot.plot([x for x in range(100)],[math.exp(y) for y in range(100)] )


enter image description here

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Instead of plot, you can use semilogy:

import numpy as npy
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
x=npy.array([i/100. for i in range(100)])
plt.semilogy(x, y)

But I'm not entirely sure what you hope to gain from using a log scale. When you say "small difference", do you mean that the values might be something like 193.000001 and 193.000002? If so, it might help to subtract off 193.

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You can use this piece of code:

import matplotlib.pyplot
# to set x-axis to logscale
# to set y-axis to logscale
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