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I have a simple file called index.php. I need to pass it a querystring that will be stored inside a never-expiring cookie. The file looks exactly like this :


if (isset($_GET['referrer_id']))
    $querystringWithJunk = $_GET['referrer_id'];
    $querystringArray = explode('/', $querystringWithJunk);

    setcookie("referrer_id", $querystringArray[0], time() + 60*60*24*365*100);

However, no cookie is set. What is inside referrer_id is a simple integer (in the tests I made, it's 1). Function setCoookie return true and everything seems to works fine but no cookie is set. Am I doing something wrong?

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Time is bigger than int, so I think result is negative, and then cookie is set into past, what means, it is deleted. Set time to 3 years instead of 100.

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That was exactly the problem, thank you very much! –  Sebastien Lachance Jun 16 '09 at 11:29

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