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I am doing a query to a db using Entity Framework, with this result i do more queries to check other things. So my question is, how can i do multiple selections in one query?.

For example:

var cars = db.Cars.ToList();
foreach (var car in cars) 
   var owners = db.Owners.Where(x => x.CarID == car.ID).Count();

So, i want to have the cars and the owners in the same result of a query. I will apreciate an answer.

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You can use a projection:

var carsAndOwnerCounts = db.Cars
    .Select(c => new
        Car = c,
        OwnerCount = db.Owners.Where(o => o.CarID == c.ID).Count()

The result is a list of anonymous objects where each element has a Car and an OwnerCount property.

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