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How can i add a mutable array in the same like the old one?

I tried this code but it doesn't work:

 - (void)didParsingApiBusinesses:(NSMutableArray *)businesses
     NSZone *zone = [entriesBusinessesArray zone];
     entriesBusinessesArray = [businesses mutableCopyWithZone:zone];
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Two things:

  1. Zones aren't used by the framework anymore.
  2. You shouldn't call mutableCopyWithZone: directly; instead call mutableCopy.

So all you need is:

- (void)didParsingApiBusinesses:(NSMutableArray *)businesses
    entriesBusinessesArray = [businesses mutableCopy];
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Use mutableCopy directly.

I think NSZone is not supported by objective C now.

Thank you.

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Just to be clear, NSZone is in the Foundation framework. It's not part of the Objective-C language. – jlehr Apr 2 '12 at 20:47

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