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I have the following code in my external JS file:

var myDiv = $(".myDiv");

if (myDiv.css('left') == 'auto') { 
    var pos = myDiv.position(); 
    myDiv.css({ "left:" + pos.left + "px", "top:" + pos.top + "px" }); 

It appears that the following line breaks my page:

myDiv.css({ "left:" + pos.left + "px", "top:" + pos.top + "px" }); 

If I comment it out everything works fine, except this functionality, obviously.

And if I put the values in alert I get them correctly as well.

alert(pos.left + ' ' + pos.top)

What am I missing?

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You are trying to create an object by passing in 2 strings.

Should probably look like this:

  "left": pos.left + "px",
  "top": pos.top + "px"
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A truly DAH momnt... thanks. –  santa Apr 2 '12 at 17:56

Simple fix, use javascript object notation for the css properties. Move the colon outside the quotes:

myDiv.css({ "left": pos.left + "px", "top": pos.top + "px" });

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You need quotation marks around the values in the object you pass to the .css() function:

myDiv.css({ "left: '" + pos.left + "px'", "top: '" + pos.top + "px'" });
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This still isn't valid JS object syntax. It should be: {key: val, key: val} –  Rocket Hazmat Apr 2 '12 at 17:58

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