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I am using the C# SDK to interact with facebook graph api in my asp.net mvc3 webapp

I used with success this code to add a event to my facebook account:

Dictionary<string, object> oParams = new Dictionary<string, object>();
oParams.Add("name", e.Title);
oParams.Add("start_time", e.StartDate.ToUniversalTime().ToString());
oParams.Add("description", e.Synopsys);

dynamic result = _fb.Post("me/events", oParams);

and now I'm trying to make the oposite operation (Remove that event) but it does not work and returns the exception: "(GraphMethodException - #100) Unsupported delete request."

This is the code I'm using to delete the event:

dynamic result = _fb.Delete("me/events/"+ e.FBID);

What is happening?

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which version of the sdk are you using? – prabir Apr 3 '12 at 18:55

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