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I am trying to change attributes which are set when saving associations


Factory.define :course do |course|
 course.title "Course 1"

Factory.define :user do |user|
 user.name "Alex"


Factory(:course, :user => Factory(:user, name: 'Tim'))

The saved value will be 'Alex' not 'Tim'. Any ideas?

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I can't reproduce it with a similar factories. Your factory definition is missing course.user (maybe it was intentional), but on my system it doesn't matter. You may want to provide more data (gem versions, models, database migrations and so on) to recreate your issue. –  Nash Bridges Apr 2 '12 at 19:29

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First you need to add the association to your factory:

Factory.define :course do |course|
    course.title "Course 1"
    course.association :user

Then you should do it as a 2-step process:

user = Factory.create :user, :name => "Tim"
course = Factory.create :course, :user => user # or :user_id => user.id

And assuming your model associations and such are set up fine, this will work no problem.

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