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I'm trying to follow the first answer here in order to accomplish my alert feature on my app. Facebook like notifications tracking (DB Design)

but in that example, the user has to open the notifications page to check for new notifications. For me, i need to let user knows that there is a notification (database updated) by displaying an icon like Facebook alerts or something like that.

is there any clear idea about how to do that ?

EDIT i did something but can't test it coz i don't have my laptop right now. would you please take a look and let me know if something not OK ?

PHP file

//Database connection
$sql = 'SELECT count(*) as count FROM list_notifications WHERE userid ='.$userID;
$qry = pg_query($sql); 
$row = pg_fetch_array($qry);
echo $row['count'];

jQuery & JavaScript

var old_count = -1;
setInterval(function() {
$.get("file.php", { userid: "userid" },
    if (data > old_count) {
     alert("the list is updated with: " + data);
     //console.log('the list is updated with:' + data);
      old_count = data;
   )},5000); // every 5 seconds

once the user is logged in, the userid must be sent periodically to the php file to check for new notifications. then display them to the user. for count variable, i made it Increases incrementally with Database trigger.

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please always tag with facebook, if it is -- so i can ignore it. – Dagon Apr 2 '12 at 19:35
okay. i'll remember that – Noon Apr 2 '12 at 19:46

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