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Ok I'm going to try and be specific as possible but I cannot find the best method to describe this problem. I will post the code as well (be warned it is probably the worst you've seen, I'm still learning).

On my website I've currently designed the home page to have a Slider just under the navigation along with an ornate frame to go around it. The problem here is that the best method of getting the frame around the slider is to move the slider inside the location of the frame using 'position relative' then moving the slider around with top, left etc.

The problem here is that there is still space underneath from where the slider was originally, my belief is that the element still takes up the space from where it originally was. Because of this i have to push everything thats added next from the bottom thus leaving me problems with the common footer issue where it doesn't stick to the bottom.

If i post the code maybe someone could tell me where I'm going wrong? In earnest im trying to stick an image behind a slider for effect. Just to add I'm currently working on making the website responsive so resizing is important. I've also tried various ideas that have been posted by members of this site, still no luck. :'(

I'll post the code now and a link to an image to better explain myself. Thankyou to anyone who reads this.

Here is the HTML

<img id="frame" src="images/sliderframe6.png" >

        <div id="homeslider"> 

        <div class="flexslider">
        <ul class="slides">
                <img src="images/front-store2.png" />
                <img src="images/vanillacupcake.png" />
                <img src="images/teaset.png" />

                <img src="images/springflower.png" />

      </div><!--end homeslider-->

        <div id="content">   

and the CSS

.sliderpicture { width: 800px;
overflow: hidden;   

.theme-default #slider {
    width: 88%; 
    height: 100%; 


#homeslider {   width: 80%; 
                max-width: 800px; 
                /*border: 1px dashed #F69;*/
                border: 1px solid #612438;
                position: relative;
                margin: 0 auto;
                bottom: 403px;                              

#frame {    max-width: 980px;
            /*width: 87.8%;*/
            position: relative;
            z-index: 20;
            bottom: 43px;
            margin-left: 9.4%;  
            margin-right: 11.8%;    


#gallery-slider { max-width: 600px;
                  border: 1px solid #C69;
                  width: 80%;
                  overflow: hidden;
                  float: left;

footer { width: 100%;
         max-width: 975px;
         height: 40px;
         color: #5A3503;
         background: #421E0F;
         margin: 0 auto;
         overflow: hidden;
         position: relative;
         bottom: 652px; 
         left: 1px; 

.foot-text{ color: #FCF;
            font-size: 1em;
            line-height: 0.7em;
            position: relative;
            left: 28%;
            top: 2px;
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Try overflow:hidden; on the .theme-default? – CambridgeMike Apr 2 '12 at 20:13
I actually had a similar problem with a project I'm working on, can you post a link to this example? Right off the bat I would look into a few things: first, a few of your classes don't specify a height; and I noticed you're using 'auto' for a margin value. maybe change it to just 0? A screen shot would be pretty helpful as well – BTHarris Apr 8 '12 at 19:28
Hey sorry never checked back up on this, A good method to get around this is if you place the container for the image in another container and set the position to relative for the inner container or absolute for the out contianer. Let me find the tutorial again, if you need it. – TumTum Apr 21 '12 at 0:07

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