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On the upper left of Xcode 4 you can select a scheme and a simulator to use for that scheme.

enter image description here

I have 2 questions about this:

  1. You see here that the simulator to use for this scheme is "My Mac 64-bit." This is actually a copy of another project I made. In the original project, I could select 3 simulators for this scheme: the iPad 5.1 simulator, the iPhone 5.1 simulator, or simulate on my actual phone. I then duplicated the whole project directory, opened up the duplicate Xcode project file, and the only option for a simulator is "My Mac 64-bit." This is an exact duplicate, and yet the simulator options are different. Why?

  2. For schemes that show those 3 options I mentioned for simulators, I can also click "More Simulators" and there the iOS 4.3 simulator can be downloaded and installed. So I did that, but the iOS 4.3 simulator is still not showing in the list of simulators that I can use. There's no point in downloading and installing it if I can't even use it. How can I make this show in that list of available simulators?

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Something may have changed in your build settings, check to make sure your base SDK is set to iOS.

enter image description here

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That wasn't exactly it, but it led me to the answer. Turns out the project was missing. –  neuromancer Apr 3 '12 at 8:25

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