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As part of a larger project I'm receiving Kerberos tickets embedded in some XML and need to decide if they are valid for the ktab on the server.

I have been looking into 'Authen::Krb5' and 'Authen::Krb5::Simple' though I'm not finding any examples of using these to decrypt a ticket.

Is Authen::Krb5 a reasonable solution? Are there any examples available?

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 # simple_server
 # uses rd_req & rd_priv to decrypt an authentic encrypted message

 use blib;
 use IO::Socket;
 use Sys::Hostname;

 # replace with your own stuff
 $SERVICE = "sample";
 $KEYTAB_FILE = "/etc/krb5.keytab";

 chomp($SERVER = hostname());


 $ac = new Authen::Krb5::AuthContext;

 $s = new IO::Socket::INET(
         LocalAddr => $SERVER,
         LocalPort => 12345,
         Proto => 'tcp',
         Reuse => 1,
         Listen => 5
 defined $s or die $!;

 $ns = $s->accept();

 # grab the client's address
 $addr = new Authen::Krb5::Address(ADDRTYPE_INET,pack("N",$ns->peeraddr()));
 $ports = new Authen::Krb5::Address(ADDRTYPE_IPPORT,pack("n",$ns->peerport()));

 # get authentication info
 while (defined($line = <$ns>)) {
         $d .= $line;
         if ($line =~ /__END$/) {
                 chomp $d;
                 $d =~ s/__END$//;

 # get encrypted message
 while (defined($line = <$ns>)) {
         $enc .= $line;
         if ($line =~ /__END$/) {
                 chomp $enc;
                 $enc =~ s/__END$//;

 $sprinc = Authen::Krb5::sname_to_principal($SERVER,$SERVICE,KRB5_NT_SRV_HST);
 $kt = Authen::Krb5::kt_resolve("FILE:$KEYTAB_FILE");
 $t = Authen::Krb5::rd_req($ac,$d,$sprinc,$kt);
 unless ($t) {
         print "rd_req error: ",Authen::Krb5::error(),"\n";

 $client = $t->enc_part2->client;
 print "Hello, ",$client->data,"\n";

 # set the remote address

 # decrypt the message
 $dec = Authen::Krb5::rd_priv($ac,$enc);
 unless ($dec) {
         print "rd_priv error: ",Authen::Krb5::error(),"\n";

 print "Decrypted message is: '$dec'\n";

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