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Suppose I have

<input id="a" />
<a href="foo">foo</a>
<input id="b" />

By default tabbing will take me from a to foo to b. If I want to go from a to b directly I can do this

document .getElementById ("a") .setAttribute ("tabindex", 1);
document .getElementById ("b") .setAttribute ("tabindex", 2);

But now the following doesn't work because focus() apparently requires tabindex=-1

document .getElementById ("b") .focus ();

Can I have both?

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Side note: Things may go better for you if you made sure your HTML is valid. Your inputs are missing a type attribute among other things. – Levi Hackwith Apr 2 '12 at 21:30

That is not what I'm seeing (Chrome). Pasting exactly what you have into

Puts the focus into the second text field and tabbing order is as expected (a->b->link)

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Have you tried changing your HTML to this:

<input id="a" tabindex = "1" />
<a href="foo" tabindex = "2">foo</a>
<input id="b" tabindex = "3" />

If you wanted the browser to skip foo, you would give it a tabindex of -1. -1 tells the browser to not tabstop on that element.

Please let me know if I've missed something.

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It's started working all of a sudden, no idea what changed. Cached script perhaps.

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