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I am currently creating a Dashboard app which is created with Ruby on Rails.

I have added a Server model and controller and the same for Ping.

What I want is to run the ping command on the given server IP address.

How would I go about this and log the results (status and M/S) into the database?

I would also like to know how to run the command every minute.

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I'd be tempted to create a rake task that did this and simply cron it to run every minute... Hard to tell without knowing more details. –  Marc Talbot Apr 3 '12 at 0:31

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Probably the easiest way would be to open a TCP socket:

require 'timeout'
require 'socket'

def ping(host)
    Timeout.timeout(5) do 
      s = TCPSocket.new(host, 'echo')
      return true
  rescue Errno::ECONNREFUSED 
    return true
  rescue Timeout::Error, Errno::ENETUNREACH, Errno::EHOSTUNREACH
    return false


These uses TCP ping rather than ICMP so a firewall would need to be configured as appropriate.

Running this every minute can be achieve using something like:

loop do
  # do your ping tests
  sleep 60

and running that process all the time. You can look at something like Daemons (http://daemons.rubyforge.org/) if you want an easy way to background it.

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