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I am trying to fix a decent number of Id3 Album/Artist tags in (3500+) music files spread through a directory tree structure like so:

"Winamp Library/Artist Name/Album Name/Song.(mp3/flac/whatever)"

This code only prints a list of Artist Names in the base "Winamp Library" directory, what am I doing wrong?

for artist in glob.glob('Winamp Library/*'):
    for album in glob.glob('Winamp Library/' + artist+  '/*'):
        print (album)


Winamp Library\Artist 1
Winamp Library\Artist 2

When the output should be:

Winamp Library\Artist 1
Winamp Library\Artist 1\Album1
Winamp Library\Artist 1\Album2
Winamp Library\Artist 2
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You might find this task easier with os.walk(). –  kindall Apr 2 '12 at 22:52

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When you get the glob result it will include the part of the pattern you gave as well, so you're really trying to match in the second glob:

'Winamp Library/Winamp Library/<ARTIST>/*'

I suspect you wanted something more like:

for artist in glob.glob('Winamp Library/*'):
    for album in glob.glob(artist + '/*'):
        print (album)

Note that glob can do multiple levels at once, too, so you could glob on 'Winamp Library/*/*' for example.

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Of course! That works perfectly. But now what is the easiest way to store just the artist/album in a variable so I can write it to the Id3 tag? –  Sam Coulter Apr 2 '12 at 22:50
@SamCoulter The simplest way that comes to mind is to split the string with .split() on '/' –  FatalError Apr 2 '12 at 23:57

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