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I have a frivolous question. Is there any way to use an image in lieu of points in gnuplot? For example, if I was plotting data about pasta consumption or something, I would have pictures of pasta (instead of usual gnuplot points).

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See another more precise Q&A on this,… – Joce May 2 at 6:51
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Another option is to find a dingbats type of font with a suitable glyph. Then you can use "plot with labels" using that glyph as the label string. See for example the 5th plot in the demo

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I haven't played around with this feature at all myself, however, there is:

Which shows the use of png files on a bar chart (Note, that this feature was added in Gnuplot 4.5 -- I think). With a little creativity, it seems like you could use that feature to do what you're asking -- although it would require a whole bunch of plot commands so it might be useful to write a script to generate the gnuplot script (or use iteration depending on your dataset) -- Obviously your image files would have to be in a format that your version of gnuplot understands as well ...

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A possible strategy may be the plot with rgbimage option in gnuplot.

See the second example over here:

If you relate the center option with your data points, this may be possible.

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