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I've just started building apps for Facebook and I need an https link for these to work. I'm just looking at purchasing my SSL certificate, but my question is this. Is the SSL for the domain or the hosting? So I have my domains with GoDaddy and my Hosting with Bluehost. If I buy the GoDaddy SSL will it be valid for my bluehost, or do I need to be hosting on GoDaddy for their SSL to work? And Vice Versa?

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You can buy your SSL from any [reputable] company and it will work on basically any other server. While there are exceptions, especially with newer features of SSL certificates, they'll typically work anywhere. You just have to make sure your host supports (and lets you add) SSL certificates to your websites.

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So in my example, if I buy one from GoDaddy it will work with my Bluehost hosting? godaddy.com/ssl/ssl-certificates.aspx?ci=8979 –  dpDesignz Apr 2 '12 at 23:47

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