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how can i get the value typed into the textfield with javascript and print it to the page? I am able to use an alert to see the value typed into the textfield but I am unable to get the value from the function for the textfield to print out to the page. My code is here:

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inside your html text field call a function on onkeyUp or relevent function 

<input type='text' id='id1' onKeyUp='name(this.value);' value='name_value' />

function name(var_value){
document.getElementById("print").value = var_value; // print in a text field
document.getElementById('prnt').innerHtml = var_value; // print in a division 

<div id = 'prnt' ></div>

<input type='text' id='print'  value='name_value' />
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In SelectSubCat you need to add the following:

document.getElementById('value').innerHTML = txtValue;

Then in your html add:

<span id="value"></span>

This will insert the value of the text input, into the span tag as soon as you click the button.

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doesn't work, does <span id="value"></span> have to be inside script tags? –  user1301737 Apr 3 '12 at 0:13
no, it has to be somewhere within your html's body (anywhere, it shouldn't matter) –  Ben Rowe Apr 3 '12 at 0:18
it doesn't work it only prints You typed: and i used <br /> <p>You typed: <span id="valuessss"> </span></p> with document.getElementById('vvaluessss').innerHtml = txtValue; in selectsubcat –  user1301737 Apr 3 '12 at 0:32

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