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Is it possible download a file in an AIR application, store it on the user's system, and prohibit access to the files by applications other than the one with which it was downloaded?

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Certainly not easily done on Windows. You might have better luck encrypting it's contents.

EDIT: Creating a file not accessible by other programs is very virus-like behavior.

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Encryption is indeed probably the way to go. AIR does have a handy encrypted local store which should simplify this approach for you:

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You may want to note that this is by no means foolproof, as it's encrypted using the user's system credentials which could be otherwise accessible. – nexus says Dec 20 '12 at 2:14

Your best bet is to store the contents of the file in the EncryptedLocalStore or a local shard object. While you can store the downloaded file in a directory on the user's file system, you aren't going to be able to prevent it from being accessed by other applications (or the user) on the system. That's a security issue because that's how a lot of viruses work.

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