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I have an array in php that contains all the lines of a text files (each line being one value of the array). My text file had blank lines so the array has blank lines too. I wanted to search the array for a certain value like this:

$array = array();

        $lines = file("textfile.txt"); //file in to an array
        foreach ($lines as $line)
            if (stripos($line, "$$") !== false) 
                $array[] = str_replace("$$", "", $line);


The code above is searching for a $$ and replacing it with a blank. The text file holds a line with a $$1 or any number and I want it to find all instances of that line, which it is doing.

My problem is that I want it to find the next 5 lines that aren't blank after finding the $$(number) and put them into a multi dimensional array. The multidimensional array looking similar to this (the program is a test in case you are wondering why the array is named the way it is):

$test = array(
    array('question' => 'What is the answer', 'ansa' => "answera", 'ansb' => "answerb", 'ansc' => "answerc", 'ansd' => "answerd"), // $test[1]
    array('question' => 'What is the answer', 'ansa' => "answera", 'ansb' => "answerb", 'ansc' => "answerc", 'ansd' => "answerd"), // $test[2]

The next five lines after the $$(number) are a question and four answers that need to go into the array. My code with regxp and searching isn't working so i discarded it.

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you can try something like this...


$lines = array_filter(file('text.txt')); //file in to an array
$questions = array();

// find your starts and pull out questions
foreach ($lines as $k=>$line)
    if (stripos($line, "$$") !== false) 
        $questions[] =  array_slice($lines, $k, 5);

// dump

See php manual for array_slice

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This wouldn't check for empty lines, which can be added simply. Also, you may want to replace it with a for loop so you can skip over the next file lines so it doesn't loop through them unnecessarily. – Hosh Sadiq Apr 3 '12 at 0:52
drop empty lines with $lines = array_filter(file('text.txt'));... Hosh, you are right, however this is just example. – Alex Apr 3 '12 at 0:55
Yes, the most important line I was confused about. Thank you so much! – user1276567 Apr 3 '12 at 1:00
I tried the code to remove the empty lines and it didn't work. – user1276567 Apr 3 '12 at 1:08
hm... if lines contain spaced they are not empty. try this $lines = array_filter(array_map('trim', $lines)) – Alex Apr 3 '12 at 1:10

Have you looked at preg_replace_callback?

Something along these lines should work:


function replace_callback($matches) {

preg_replace_callback('/\$\$[0-9]+\s+([^'.PHP_EOL.']+){5}/is', 'replace_callback', file_get_contents('textfile.txt'));

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