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EDIT: Forgot to remind the reader that I remembered to set templateSettings as follows:

 _.templateSettings = {
    interpolate : /\{\{([\s\S]+?)\}\}/g

I'm having a hard time getting a varialbe to interpolate in underscore, while running my Jasmine specs. Given the template, rendering method, and jasmine test below, I am able to get the template to interpolate variables properly via:

  { id:boneHeaderInstance.id,  

While this fails to interpolate the columns variable:

  boneHeader = Backbone.View.extend({
    el: $('#boneTableHeader'),
    template: $('#boneTableHeaderTemplate'),
    initialize: function(){
      this.id = 'boneTableHeader';
      this.el = $( '#' + this.id );
      this.columns = 'blah';
      this.template = $( '#' + this.id + 'Template' );
      return this;
    render: function(){
      var that = this;
      var data = {id: that.id, columns: that.columns}
      this.el.html( _.template( this.template.html(), data ) );


<script type = 'text/template' id = 'boneTableHeaderTemplate'>
  <tr id = "{{obj.id}}Row">

In Render Method:

render: function(){
  var that = this;
  var data = {id: that.id, columns: that.columns}
  this.el.html( _.template( that.template.html(), data ) );

Jasmine Test:

        describe('boneHeader', function(){
            boneHeaderInstance = boneTableInstance.header;
          describe('rendering', function(){
            it('should have expected html', function(){
                boneHeaderInstance.el.html().replace(/\s\t\n/ , '', 'g') 
                { id:boneHeaderInstance.id,  
                }).replace(/\s\t\n/ , '', 'g') 

Jasmine Result:

Expected ' <tr id="boneTableHeaderRow"></tr> ' to equal ' <tr id = "boneTableHeaderRow"> blah </tr> '
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You have various problems. First of all, Underscore uses <% %> for templates unless you change it with something like:

_.templateSettings = {
  interpolate : /\{\{(.+?)\}\}/g

So your template should look like this:

<script type = 'text/template' id = 'boneTableHeaderTemplate'>
    <tr id = "<%= obj.id %>Row">
        <td><%= obj.columns %></td>

I've also fixed the HTML error you had in your template, you can't have a text node as an immediate child of a <tr> and there's no telling what sort of chicanery a browser will get up to if you try such a thing.

Secondly, _.template() is usually used to return a compiled version of a template and that compiled version is a function that you execute to get the final HTML:

var t    = _.template(some_template_html);
var html = t(data);

So you probably want something like this in your constructor:

this.template = _.template($('#' + this.id + 'Template').html());

and this in your render:


You can do it all at once with _.template(template_html, context) though.

Thirdly, you're referencing obj.id and obj.columns in your template but you're only giving it id and columns so either drop the obj. prefixes from your template or alter data thusly:

var data = {
    obj: {
        id: that.id,
        columns: that.columns

Demo: http://jsfiddle.net/ambiguous/NYLqH/

You'll have to fix your test to account for the corrected HTML of course.

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Thanks. I thought I had included the templateSettings. I'm using that and will update my question to reflect this. Sorry for the confusion. Looking over the rest of the answer now. –  kikuchiyo Apr 3 '12 at 3:11
I'm still digesting the rest of the answer. I agree that obj should not be needed. Do you know why obj.id and obj.columns works in this code _.template( boneHeaderInstance.template.html(), { id:boneHeaderInstance.id, columns:boneHeaderInstance.columns } ) with the template provided in my answer? If not, no biggie, just wondering. Also, I don't think that is an issue. Considering it interpolates correctly for obj.id per the Jasmine message: Expected ' <tr id="boneTableHeaderRow"></tr> ' to equal ' <tr id = "boneTableHeaderRow"> blah </tr> ' –  kikuchiyo Apr 3 '12 at 3:18
Which means your probably correct that placing the {{obj.columns}} directly after the <tr> is probably the issue. Thanks! –  kikuchiyo Apr 3 '12 at 3:21
@kikuchiyo: You can compile and execute the template in one go with _.template(html, data). I don't see how {{obj.id}} would work without an obj in the data though. –  mu is too short Apr 3 '12 at 3:37
Indeed, the silly example I was providing, without a <td> tag within the <tr> tag was causing this. Damn, that was dumb of me. +1 for pointing this out somewhere in the middle of your answer. –  kikuchiyo Apr 3 '12 at 3:38

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