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How can I use a GridView like Excel sheet to enter records? Just similar to Excel sheet, moving up / down in row using up / down arrow key.

I need to insert more than 25 records of single rows (say marks of student) which in enter by user against their registration number. I used <ItemTemplate> and TextBoxes, but not found so flexible to enter marks of students.

Please help me if any other ways to do such task.

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To perform the moving up/down in row using up / down arrow key Use this URL: Navigating through text input fields using arrow keys and return, it's with code.

    <script type="text/javascript"> 
       // get only input tags with class data-entry 
       textboxes = $("input.data-entry"); 
       // now we check to see which browser is being used  
       if ($.browser.mozilla) {  
           $(textboxes).keypress (checkForAction); 
      else {  
          $(textboxes).keydown (checkForAction);  

 function checkForAction (event) { 
      if (event.keyCode == 13 || 40) { 
         currentBoxNumber = textboxes.index(this);  
           if (textboxes[currentBoxNumber + 1] != null) { 
               nextBox = textboxes[currentBoxNumber + 1] 
               return false; 
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