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Since my app involves payment, I have a regular UserSession as well as a UserSession with id == :secure to protect the areas of the app involving money. The regular session doesn't need to expire, but the secure session should expire after a period of inactivity.

Here's what I have so far


acts_as_authentic do |c|
  c.session_ids = [nil,:secure]


self.logout_on_timeout = true

I thought of extending the stale? method, like in this question :

def stale?
  return false if != :secure

but that doesn't work because doesn't refer to the id column in the database...anyone have any ideas?

EDIT: Other ideas...

  • set some instance-method version of logout_on_timeout on sessions when I create them. That way I could set secure_session.logout_on_timeout = true, but not regular_session
  • go outside of Authlogic and use a cron sweeper or something - this seems sorta ridiculous if I want to run the job every 5 minutes
  • create a whole new session model, called SecureSession, that has logout_on_timeout == true, and is somehow also associated with my User model

C'mon guys, anyone have a creative solution here?

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