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Can GHC or some lint tool tell me when I've provided a type signature for a function that could be more polymorphic?

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Be aware that the most general type signature isn't always the best one. asTypeOf would be pretty meaningless if it had a more general type :) and less trivially, some type system techniques like regions rely on "unused" class constraints. – Ben Millwood Apr 12 '12 at 13:22
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GHC doesn't do this, and a quick search of Hackage turns up nothing.

A simple, but possibly quite effective way to implement such a thing would be to load the module in GHCi, use :browse to get all the type signatures, then load a copy without any type signatures, use :browse again, and compare the two outputs; then just print all the lines that differ beyond parentheses, whitespace and alpha-renaming. However, this wouldn't work perfectly, especially if you have definitions whose types can't be inferred.

I have a feeling such a tool would turn up a lot of false positives in practice.

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